About Eco-communities and Agrihoods in Costa Rica

About Eco-communities and Agrihoods in Costa Rica

In 2016, the Happy Planet Index declared Costa Rica the most environmentally advanced and happiest place on earth; but why is this the way it is?


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Fertile Soil

This beautiful country has such fertile soil that whatever you throw into the ground, just grows!

The volcanic soil of the country is so fertile that it is the perfect place to grow your own agro products. With its 5 active volcanoes (and 100+ with volcanic activity), it’s just logical that those volcanic deposits develop into some of the richest agricultural lands on earth.


Agrihoods are a new type of neighborhood that offers farm-to-table living in a cooperative environment. This kind of housing development is centered around a farm or orchard instead of being built around a golf course or a pool and tennis court. Often the residents of these communities together create an environment with a sustainable food system for the entire community. Currently, Costa Rica is one of the best places to establish an agrihood or eco-village.


There are some eco-communities that protect the flora and fauna within the eco-community.

Some call themselves eco-community and others ecovillage. There is more than one eco-community in Costa Rica where they also grow their own food and live as they live in an agrihood. Eco-communities are spread all over the country and most are off the grid, but it’s not always the case.

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