Working with Buyers

How do we help you?

Looking for your ideal eco-home through the whole country on your own can be overwhelming. Why not trust it to experts who already know every community? All you have to do is relax while we find your next house!

How do we help?

Market Knowledge.

We know all of the ecological communities in Costa Rica, so all we need to know is what you’re looking for and find the perfect match!

Defending your interests.

Most communities have a sales team ready to handle any transactions, but those sales teams are loyal only to the communities’ interests. Let it to us to defend yours.

Time management.

Looking into each community, scrolling through houses, calling sales agents, discussing details and planning visits all on your own can take a while; delegate it to us and relax while we search for you!


Size of Costa Rica.


Ecological communities.


Lots and houses to choose from

We already know the communities;
Let’s get to know you.

It’s impossible to know which ecological community in Costa Rica suits your needs better if we don’t know what you’re looking for. Let us know what your interests are in a short conversation and let us take it from there.

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