Eco-Friendly Halloween

Eco-Friendly Halloween

Let’s see how to be more eco-sustainable, even during Halloween.

Here are seven tips for a Green Halloween:

1. DIY Costumes
Every year new costumes are bought, which means more material to waste, and often these are not eco-sustainable fabrics. To remedy this, many people have decided to change their costumes. This way, they can renew every year and save money. Another option is to rent costumes in dedicated services. The more ecological and fun option (especially if you do it with your children) is to create a homemade costume.

2. Invitations
The invitations can be made with the recycled paper if you want a Halloween party at home. Obviously, for the more technological, it is possible to use email or various social networks without wasting a single tree.

3. Table
Every self-respecting party needs a well-laid table. Given the horror atmosphere of Halloween, you must necessarily have an elegant kit, so you can opt for that pottery that does not match, and you never use. But if you do not want to have to think about washing the dishes after the party, do not worry; there are solutions: biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware. They are not bad for Nature and make post-party cleaning even faster thanks to the possibility of depositing them directly in the organic garbage.

4. Decorations
To liven up the party, decorations are essential. Again, the most ecological solution is to create them at home.

5. Pumpkin!
True defenders of Nature know that using pumpkins for decorating is a clear sign of food waste. On the other hand, some won’t call it Halloween without carving a pumpkin. The most ecological choice to make in this case is to choose pumpkins from the local producer.

6. Trick or…
Not! No candy wrapped in plastic is allowed. Here Nature wants us to roll up our sleeves and opt for excellent homemade sweets. We can opt for organic options such as cakes or homemade desserts.

7. …Joke?
When your kids tell you they want to Trick or Treat, please don’t give them the usual plastic bucket. To go green, take an old pillowcase and use it as a Halloween swag or tote bag. Both solutions are reusable (and washable) but, most of all, environmentally friendly.

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