What are the Blue Zones?

What are the Blue Zones?

Blue Zones are placed in the world where the longest-lived people over 100 years of age are found.

Costa Rica is one of those places where we can find people with good physical and mental health, healthy food traditions, respect for family unity, strong faith and spirituality, constant mobility, and a purpose in life.

Not counting San Jose, the rest of the country are areas where people walk more than in cars, where fruits are part of the food, a good climate, and their connection with nature.

People in these areas have a diet that includes beans or grains such as corn, where family is their reason for being and is number one. They have groups of friends with whom they share healthy habits.
Most of the food is grown and harvested naturally, without chemicals or preservatives, and where the main foods are fruits and vegetables.

The excellent climate is another factor that helps to have a better life, and good mood since the average temperature in Costa Rica is 70° to 81° Fahrenheit (12° to 27° Celsius), with the coast and inland lowlands being warmer than the mountains.

The family and friends bonding factor is among the best in the world, as the Costa Rican culture is amiable. And they have great empathy with foreigners. That is why you will find great support in those ex-pat communities, where the same community welcomes those who move to this country and where sometimes we miss our land and family nuclei,

The communities of ex-pat neighborhoods are looking for a better and healthier life so that their children can have an emotional connection and be closer to nature, where they can also find an alternative education (a topic we will address in another blog).

 Summarizing, the blue zones are those where you will find a good environment, with healthy food, a good climate, and a connection with people and nature, where you will always feel accompanied, and where you and your children can have a better life.

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