Before you get your Solar Roof, Read This.

Before you get your Solar Roof, Read This.

Switching your roof for a solar roof is almost always a good idea, and while we do encourage people to switch to greener options when it comes to housing in general, there are four special considerations everyone should make before they make the jump into a solar roof:

  1. Examine total costs

This sounds like an easy thing to think about before going with a solar roof, but we have to go through it, just in case. Carefully consider the total costs of changing to this alternative style. This includes the materials, labor, hooking these into the electric grid, and in some municipalities, government-imposed fees, for example.

2. Does your current roof need replacement?

How old is your existing roof? What condition is it in? Obviously, if you would have to install a new roof anyway, installing a solar roof becomes even more affordable and maybe even becomes a better option. If not, maybe solar panels are a better solution than a whole solar roof. However, take some time to investigate if the installers and technicians in your geographic area/region are qualified and trained to properly install these newer solutions.

3. Exposure and obstructions

Traditionally, solar panels require to face south in order to maximize the return on investment. These replaced tiles cover the entire area, but one must examine whether sufficient sunlight in an unobstructed manner makes this approach the logical decision. It would make no sense to switch into a Solar Roof if your house has little to no sun exposure!

4. Local zoning issues, laws, and regulations

Some places impose restrictions on solar panels, but to date, few have talked about solar roofs. Even when the solar roofs alternative is still new, it’s worth your time to investigate if your specific neighborhood or place of living has any rules regarding solar roofs before you make the switch!

In summary, while solar roofs are a very good option and most likely to be a good implementation to your house (and a good contribution towards a greener Earth!), you should check you’ve got everything you need in order to take full advantage of this new take on solar panels!

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