What Is a Green Real Estate Agent?

What Is a Green Real Estate Agent?

With the rise of interest in this kind of market, where renewability and ecology take the spotlight, it’s only natural to see a rise in specialists in this type of product as well. That’s where a Green Real Estate Agent (Or Green Agent) comes into play; but, what exactly is a Green Real Estate Agent?

Green Real Estate Agents are realtors that are specialized in the market of products with a green approach, whether they are eco-houses, luxury villas with renewable energy, or whole developments like agrihoods or ecovillas.

Green Agents can help you identify homes that are great for the environment and meet energy-efficiency standards. But these agents don’t sell just newly built sustainable properties. Having a Green Agent you can trust during your house hunt can help you choose the right home for an eco-makeover as well, for example.

The job often goes beyond finding green properties, and takes into helping buyers in many other ways, including the following:

  • Recognizing energy-inefficient homes before they buy
  • Assessing the value and curb appeal of adding solar panels
  • Identifying good companies for upgrades
  • Identifying where eco-friendly upgrades can be beneficial and where they’re unnecessary
  • Conducting a complimentary energy audit

So, having a Green Real Estate Agent you can trust can be extremely helpful when facing many situations, like buying an eco-house, starting a new ecological development, thinking of renovating a non-eco-house, or even building an eco-house.

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